Eliot Southwell

Piece-of-Paper Ptuesday

Every Tuesday, I'll be uploading a new sketch, writing, idea, etc. — something I've done during the week to prove I've taken a break from digital life.

A lot of them are probably bad, and that's a good thing. In making an effort to be less precious about "unfinished" work, I'm hoping to improve my creativity and, well, create more.


Best-Laid Plans
A very high-concept, low-effort joke.

· LAMY vista™ fountain pen
· Cheap sticky note


It was my mum's birthday last week! Happy birthday mum.
This is a little sketch of her. Portraits are hard.

· Staedtler™ HB pencil
· Pink Pig™ sketchbook


The Words Speak for Themselves; or, An Exercise in Redundancy
A poem written by me. No grand narrative here; just a bit of fun.

· LAMY vista™ fountain pen
· hand·book trav·e·logue™ journal


View from my bedroom into my neighbour's garden (is this legal?).

· Cheap 2B MUJI™ pencil
· Old Moleskine™ sketchbook


This is the first Ptuesday post! Here're a few little fidgety pets to welcome you (and me) to this wide new world <3

· Cheap 2B MUJI™ pencil
· Old Moleskine™ sketchbook