Philosophy for Life

My submission to ISTD's 2017 competition brief: The Dead Wood Archive.

The brief entailed going to a Dead Wood Archive (library), using the Dewey Decimal system to locate a unique book, and celebrating said book.

After reading Jules Evans's Philosophy for Life: And Other Dangerous Situations, I decided to celebrate this book by redesigning its cover with a more exciting design language, which could then be extended into promotional material.

One of Evans's main arguments in the book is that philosophy's application is subjective, and it's down to the individual to interpret what works for them. From this, I utilised the simple concept of a wordsearch to convey both the subjectivity of philosophy's teachings and the approachability of the book itself.

The wordsearch itself can be altered to include different quotes, hidden words, or philosophical references while maintaining a consistent, strong visual identity.

For more details about the working process, read my blog post.